“Two hands clap and there is a sound,
what is the sound of one hand clapping?"




The following presents a series of questions urging you to reflect on your own experience, understanding, and relationship to nature.

Take a few moments to sit with and meditate upon each question. When you feel ready to move on, scroll down to the next question.

Where is

What is nature? What is it that comes in between you and nature? Where did you go the last time you went out in nature? How far is the distance between yourself and nature? Where does nature start and where does it end?

"The earth is, therefore I am"

How old is

How old are you? What is your earliest memory of nature? When did nature start and when does it end? When does nature stop existing? What can you learn from nature's existence?

How do you

What does nature sound, taste, smell, feel, and look like? How do you feel in nature? How do you benefit from nature?


"Forest bathing is based on the Japanese term shinrin-yoku (森林浴 ), which was coined by Tomohide Akiyama of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in 1982, in part as a way beyond logging to garner value from the forest. In Japanese, the term comprises three kanji characters—the first character is composed of three trees and means “forest,” the second character is two trees and refers to the inter connectedness of the forest, and the third character connotes the luxury of being fully engulfed in the abundance that surrounds you"(4)

What is your
relationship with

How would you describe your relationship with nature? How has your relationship changed with nature? How can you improve your relationship with nature?

"The wildness and the wilderness are me, and I am it"


Concept, Design, and Development by Arjun Menon


Haskoy by
Ertekin Erdin

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Fogs Over The Mountain by Tobias Bjørkli

Clown Fish Hiding On Sea Anemone by Tom Fisk

Aerial Shot of a Frozen River by Mikhail Nilov

Plants Clinging By The Tree Branches In A Forest by Kelly Lacy

Close Up View of Big Waves in the Ocean by Lachlan Ross